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New Art! Yay! FMA/KH II [Aug. 21st, 2006|07:45 pm]
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Recently, I’ve been more interested in realism then in any of the animation styles. Leaves more room for error. ^^; Decided to have a little fun, and cross over a few of my fandoms with it.

Generally, I think I’m failing at making the drawings look anything like the actual characters. XD It’s pretty difficult when a character doesn’t have a defining trait (and… er… pretty difficult in general. *headdesk*). But, here are the attempts!

Character: Roy Mustang
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Rating: G
Description & Notes: Younger!Roy, during the war in Ishbal. Became very lazy in doing the background (oi… that chair…) and also didn’t realize that I could have made that big black blob his knee until it was too late.
Hero of Ishbal(?)Collapse )

Character: Axel
Series: Kingdom Hearts II
Rating: G
Description & Notes: Just a Portrait. Done for and dedicated to jantra, who I know loves Axel. ^_^ *hugs* Hope you like it, and feel better!
Flame MagnusCollapse )

Alright, now for a few unfinished pieces. I’ll probably be done shading these in a day or two (if I can stop being distracted by Dirge of Cerberus.) I’m posting these up so no one can pester me by saying I took too long!

Character: Alphonse Elric (V. 2)
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Rating: G
Description & Notes: 10!Year old Al… and a bunny! What could be better cuter?
In Father’s StudyCollapse )

Character: Jean Havoc & Riza Hawkeye
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Rating: G
Description & Notes: Someone who doesn’t know very much about FMA told me: “You know, it looks like the guy is at a bar, getting ready to pick up chicks… and the lady is all ready to go on a mission and kick some butt. That’s… a very confused picture.” ^_^ So I think I did my job well!
Somebody Call for Backup?Collapse )

That’s all for now! But I’m open for suggestions or requests at the moment, in case there’s anybody you’d like to see. I plan to do the entire FMA cast eventually (if… I can ever convince myself to take a shot at Ed, that is.)

EDIT:// Because I was asked the medium, I will say all of these we're done with the same No. 2 pencil. Graphite! (That pencil is really itty bitty now...)
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Old and Unfinished Art [Aug. 20th, 2006|10:33 am]
Creepy!art and anime!styleCollapse )
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ICONS: 1st Batch [Aug. 18th, 2006|01:32 pm]
First Massive Icon Post
Includes FMA (+ ova & BBI) , Bleach, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts II, CLAMP, and more…

Icon Award Banners
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Old Posts Part I; Harry Potter Doodle Comic + 2 Star Wars Comic-y things [Aug. 18th, 2006|01:25 pm]
Goblet of Fire Parody
'ACCIO BROOM!'Collapse )


Sorcerer’s Stone Parody (Sequel to GoF)
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