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Public Art & Icon Journal for nerdraeg. Because she wasn’t skilled enough to figure out how to make the once-in-a-blue-moon public post go UNDER the Friend’s Only entry. ;_;

What you will find here: Poor Art! Not in the monetary sense!

Somewhat-Better-Icons! Previously, done without Photoshop, but thanks to jantra, that should soon be fixed! (Thank you!)
1st Batch
Icon 100; Coming Soon

Icon Award Banners

Rules for Art: Pah… there are no rules for art! Just please critique if you find it in your hearts to, and while I hear tales of art being ‘stolen’, I find that silly. If you ‘steal’ my art to make an icon, please enjoy your icon. If you ‘steal’ it to say it’s your own, I fear you’re the one at fault, because there are far better artists out there.

->If the art is dedicated to, or made for someone... either in an exchange, because I adore them, or because they downright deserve it (or, even requested it specifically) it is NOT YOURS. You may NOT do anything with it. You may look at it, and go, 'Gee, that's nifty' or 'Gee, you would have been better off buying them a locker organizer'. But Please. Do not use it for any reason. Ever. It's theirs. Not yours or mine; theirs. Thanks.

Rules for Icons: It’s always nice when someone comments and credits, but I won’t bring the villagers with flaming torches out if you don’t. It’s up to you whether or not be courteous.

Policy on Adding: Anyone may friend this journal to keep an eye out for updates, or conversely, if we chat a bit over comments and you (or I!) want to learn more, feel free to add my personal journal after telling me it is your intention.

What Kind of Stuff Will you find here?: Largely FMA, since it’s my current obsession. Some backdated HP and KH now and again, and whatever the random urges tell me to do.

Do I take Requests?: Sometimes. If you’re really interested, keep an eye out. I’d much rather do an Exchange, though.

Thanks and enjoy. ^_^b